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Chapter 8 Review Part 1-Life Science

Female reproductive organ in a flower
Organism that cannot make its own food
Stem that is soft and green
Tiny openings in the upper and lower surfaces of a leaf
Wide, flat part of a leaf
Root system made up of many thin, branched roots
Thin, hairlike structure on the outer layer of the root tip
Tissue that carries food from the leaves to other parts of the plant
Food-making process in plants that uses sunlight
Outer, protective layer of a leaf
White or brightly colored structure above the sepal of a flower
Special kind of leaf that protects the flower bud
Tissue that carries water and dissolved minerals upward from the roots
Flower with either male or female reproductive organs, but not both
Organelle in plant cells that contains chlorophyll
Root system made up of one large root and many small, thin roots
Middle layer of leaf tissue in which photosynthesis occurs
Flower with both females and male reproductive organs
Organism that can make its own food
Green material that is needed by plants for photosynthesis
Stem that contains wood and is thick and hard
Cup-shaped mass of cells that covers and protects a root tip
Male reproductive organ in a flower
Bundle of tubes that contain the xylem and phloem in a leaf