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Algebra Puzzle

Sets two sides equal to each other.
Are terms whose variables and their exponents are the same. (No Space).
Is a number used to multiply a variable.
Is a number that can not be represented by a fraction.
Is a relation in which each x-value has one and only one y-value.
Is a symbol for a number that we do not know yet.
Is a way to multiply two binomials together. FIRST, OUTER, INNER, and LAST.
Is a polynomial with two terms.
A number on its own.
Can have constants, variables, and exponents.
Is a polynomial with three terms.
Is to make sure that the answer is in the simplest form and that it can not be reduced anymore.
How many times to use the value in a multiplication.
Is a polynomial with only one term.
Is any of the numbers.... -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3...
Is a set of ordered pairs that connects y-values to a set of x-values.
Is a number that is an integer, fraction, or a decimal.
Is a number that can be represented by a fraction. This includes integers and repeating decimals.