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Camp Colorado: God is Bigger

Author of "To Kill a Mockingbird"
Known as the "Wheat State"
Colorado State flower
"This is America" artist
Home of the "Cyclones" and "Hawkeyes"
Actress who plays the romantic interest of Zac Efron's character in "The Greatest Showman"
Lead singer of U2
University that hosts National Youth Conference
Oscar winning song considered, by some, to be Disney's most romantic tune, yet.
Merc with a mouth
Statistically the number one food in the United States
Gospel focus for today's Scripture
First name of main character "The Hunger Games"
Last name of the activists who refused to give up her seat
Today's theme
What sport does Steph coach
Director of Senior High Camp
Cousin of Mary
Name of latest Avengers movie
Brethren College in Western Plains
Name of soon to be king in Disney's "The Lion King"
Title of Camillo Cabella's top song
Town Camp Colorado set in
Jesus' cousin
Title of Disney's 2017 hit about the Mexican Holiday, "The Day of the Dead."
Star of "La La Land" and "Zombieland"
Name of recent "Star Wars" movie.
Black Panther
Hebrew for peace