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A Year in Writing Class

The S in SWBAT
Writing teacher's first name
The first sentence in a body paragraph.
What type of sentence is the following: Seth listens to Tupac?
What you do to the first line in a paragraph
What type of clause is the following: I walked down the street.
The best reading teacher's last name
The first sentence in an essay.
The best math teacher's last name.
The last sentence in the introduction paragraph that contains the main idea of the essay.
What type of sentence contains two simple sentences conjoined by "and."
What do you do after a direct quote?
What type of essay makes a claim and proves it?
Mrs. Cobb's Maiden Name
The poet who wrote "Alternate Heaven for Black Boys"
When a character speaks in a story
What type of clause is the following: After going to dinner
What type of sentence is the following: Blank Panther was a blockbuster hit.
A comparison using like and as
A narrative is a
When you make a reference to art, music or history in a poem.
When a character tells the story it is written in _____ person point of view.
To correct errors and misspellings.
What type of essay explains facts?
Reading is
____ evidence
What do you call the paragraphs between the introduction and the conclusion in an essay?
Yaaaassss Honey
To add or change details that affects the meaning.
The title of the story about the wolf and the man in the ice.