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4. Wisconsin: The Executive & Judicial Branch

The branch of government that interprets the law
A dispute between two or more parties
The main trial courts in the Wisconsin court system
Elected official charged with keeping record of official acts of the legislature & executive department of state
The highest court in the State of Wisconsin
The power of authority for a court to hear a certain case & interpret & apply the law in that case
A case brought by the state against a person accussed of a crime
A court that has the authority to review the judgement of a lower court
The branch for the government that administers the law
The administrative head of the Wisconsin court system
The second highest elected executive officer in state government
An elected official who serves as the chief banking officer of the state
Departments or other bodies under the governor's supervision that adminster state functions
Courts set up to hear cases that are appealed from the circuit courts
An elected official who heads the state Department of Justice & its chief legal officer of the state
The plan for collecting & spending the revenue needed to carry out all the functions & tasks of state government
The executive head of the state government
Courts established to try violations of local ordinances