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Biology Extra Credit!

Movement of non-living things through the ecosystem
A process done by nitrogen-fixing bacteria
One level of hierarchical organization under community
One of the reasons for mutation not inside your body
A type of chromosome mutation where a piece is lost
Living factors
A _____ Mutation helps the organism
Area with distinct climate, plant, and animal life
The relative ability to survive and create off spring
Science who created a theory based on adaption but was proven wrong
Specific type of science where you study how life reacts within the ecosystem
Non-living factors
The Major idea of Darwin's that were not Adaption and Fitness
Movement of a part of a chromosome from when position to another on a different chromosome
A ____ Mutation affects only 1 nucleotide
One of Darwin's major ideas that start with an A
Guanine is an example of this
Mutation caused by Insertion or Deletion
When a mutation affects a long strand of DNA it is a ____ Mutation
DNA that codes a protein
Type of mutation that hurts the organism
Type of mutation that does not affect the organism