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People of Psychology

Believed people evolve through 8 stages over life span.
Disciple of Freud. Believed in collective and personal unconscious.
Father of operant conditioning.
Developed one of the first projective tests, the inkblot test.
Created theory of evolution and "survival of the fittest."
Believed there are an infinite number of sentences in a language.
Humanistic psychologist who believed in unconditional positive regard.
Father of classical conditioning.
Founder of behaviorism and Little Albert experiment.
Believed introspection psychology and is considered the father of scientific psych.
Father of Rational Emotive Therapy.
His theory states the 3 levels of moral reasoning.
Created the theory of multiple intelligences.
Found that specific mental talents were highly correlated.
Conducted Stanford Prison Experiment.
Studied the theory of attachment in infant monkeys.
Humanist psychologist who claimed humans have a hierarchy of needs.
Founded psychoanalytic theory and focused on the unconscious and dream analysis.
Four-stage theory of cognitive development.
Created/developed general IQ tests.