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European Imperialism in Africa and India

King ________ was king of Belgium who set up a slave colony in the Congo to exploit the Congolese
Europeans divided Africa into colonies without consulting African leaders at the __________ Conference
A person who tries to convert people to a religion
The Indian National Congress and the Muslim League were two Indian nationalist groups who both wanted ____________ from Great Britain
Ram _______ Roy is considered the "Father of Modern India" because he called for an end to traditional practices such as arranged child marriages
After the _______ Mutiny the British took direct control of India
Some famines in Africa were caused by Europeans insistence on farming ______ crops, such as cotton
The idea that it was the duty of the white man to bring modern technology, their culture, and overall beliefs to the natives people around the world was called White Man's _________
Leader of Ethiopia who defeated the Italians in part because of his ability to exploit European rivalries and build a modern army
The ______________ Massacre was when 10,000 Indians were protesting the Rowlatt Acts when British troops open fired on them for 10min killing 400 and wounding 1200
The _______ War was fought between British and Dutch settlers in South Africa
The _________ of India Act in 1935 gave India local self-gov't and some democratic elections
Medicine which protected Europeans from malaria
Henry Stanley was an American journalist who was searching for David ______________ in Africa
British official in command of India following the Sepoy Mutiny
India was called the "Jewel of the ________" because it was the most valuable British colony
Most important British product the Indians boycotted
The Ethiopians defeated the Italians at the Battle of ________