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Chapter 8 Review Part 2-Life Science

Plant's response to water
Bottom part of the pistil
A change in a plant's growth in response to a stimulus
Underground stem
Top part of the pistil
Kind of asexual reproduction that uses parts of plants to grow new plants
The stalk of the pistil of a flower
Outside covering of a seed
To grow from a seed into an embryo
Joining of the nuclei of the male and female reproductive cells
Underground stem covered with fishy leaves
Plant's response to light
Mark on the seed coat where the seed was attached to the ovary
Plant's response to touch
Part of the ovary that develops into a seed after fertilization
Reproduction needing only one parent
Male reproductive cell of a plant
Plant's response to gravity
Stalk of a stamen
A mature ovary and its seeds
Change that causes a response
Movement of pollen from the stamen to the pistil
Part of the stamen that produces pollen
Undeveloped plant or animal