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Science Terms

Author: Lisa
Cones in our eyes are receivers for these tiny visible light waves. The Sun is a natural source for visible light waves and our eyes see the reflection of this sunlight off the objects around us. The color of an object that we see is the color of light reflected. All other colors are absorbed
the group of colors that a ray of light can be separated into including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet : the colors that can be seen in a rainbow
an electromagnetic wave that is used for sending signals through the air without using wires
ultraviolet radiation
any of the electromagnetic radiations of the same nature as visible radiation but of an extremely short wavelength less than 100 angstroms that is produced by bombarding a metallic target with fast electrons in vacuum or by transition of atoms to lower energy states and that has the properties of ionizing a gas upon passage through it
, relating to, or produced by electromagnetism
- a polyhedron with two polygonal faces lying in parallel planes and with the other faces parallelograms
a very short wave of electromagnetic energy
a photon emitted spontaneously by a radioactive substance; also : a high-energy photon