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Fox Creek Guitar

Part ot the guitar where the tuners are
Left thumb goes behind the ______ to give counter pressure
6th string is the ___ string
Don't touch the ________
Short for "tablature"
When you play lots of strings at once, esp. when playing chords
Plays a supporting part for the lead guitar
Play these when you are strumming
Perpendicular to strings
A short melody pattern
When you play one string at a time
1st string is the _______ string
Angle the neck slightly _______
The long part of the guitar that sticks out to the left side
Guitar quiet sign
When guitarist takes a jamming solo
Fret "0"
Sitting position for guitar playing
A diagram that shows you which string and what fret for each note
Press the strings down with these
" _______ it 'cause you love it!"
Strings from lowest to highest sounding
Helps to accurately pluck or strum the strings