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Africa! (Lower Elementary)

For Lower Elementary students ... Use the National Geographic Kids World Atlas to help you complete this puzzle.
Grasslands in Africa, home to wildebeests, gazelles, impalas, lions and many other animals, are called the ___________.
The world's largest desert covers the top third of Africa and is larger than the entired United States.
The body of water to the east of Africa.
The third largest waterfall in the world is 5,500 feet wide and 355 feet high.
The body of water to the north of Africa.
Though Africa is the poorest continent, it is rich in these.
Africa has 55 of these, more than any other continent.
More than 1,600 of these are spoken in Africa.
This mountain, the highest in Africa, is nearly 20,000 feet high. Its highest peak is snow-covered all year.
These dense jungles, which grow along the equator in Africa and receive up to 100 inches of rain each year, are home to gorillas, chimpanzees, insects, birds, reptiles and many other animals.
The body of water to the west of Africa.
The largest frog in the world, measuring a foot long and weighing up to 7 lbs, lives only in the rainforests of Cameroon and Equitorial Guinea.
Africa is located right on the ___________ so most of the continent is very hot.
Made up of 116 granite and coral islands, this African country is located 1,000 miles off the coast of Kenya.
The world's longest river stretches 4,132 miles connecting Lake Tana, Lake Victoria and the Mediterranean Sea.