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Business English Writing 01

– v. – to make a serious promise.
– n. - an international organization that promotes the stabilization of the worlds currencies and maintains a monetary pool from which member nations can draw in order to correct a deficit in their balance of payments: a specialized agency of the United Nations.
– a reduction of a value, status, etc.
– n. – complexity, as in design or organization.
– n. – a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person.
– idiom – the real situation as opposed to (compared to) what people think is going on.
– n. - The act of marking or pointing out something. Indicate; show; specify.
– n. – full trust; belief in the powers; trustworthiness; or reliability of a person or thing.
– v. – to make easier or less difficult; help forward.
– adj. [n.] – covering a relatively long period of time.