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7. Wisconsin: Cities & Villages

The process by which two or more adjoining units of government merge into one unit
A person hired to strengthen the management of a city or village
The amount charged to each property owner by taxing authorities
A form of democracy in which elected people represent the larger citizenry
The title of a city's chief elected executive officer
Allows cities & villages to decide how to manage their own affairs, unless the state constitution prohibits it
Elected members of the common council
The process by which part of an adjoining town is added to a city or village
The property tax levy divided by the total value of property in a taxing unit
A tax on property levied by municipalities based on the estimated value of property
The governing body of a village elected at large
Legislation enacted by a municipal unit of government
The amount of money raised through the property tax to finance local government services
The elected governing body of a city
Merge into one united governmental unit
A set of rules outlining the way a unit of municipal government performs its duties