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Spelling 5/21-5/25 For Georgia!

I was playing with the kitten, and now he wants to ------ the toy!
To toss and turn!
To fit together closely.
The fisherman's line got all tangled up in a branch. It was -------!
A dry sponge will ------ when it is in water.
To be thankful for.
The boss of a boat.
We ----- a President every four years.
I have to sew on a button, I need ------!
Aaaahhhh. I need a warm bath to -----!
I ------ the package to be delivered tomorrow.
Sometimes, Georgia, something can -------- you from paying attention!
Oops, my watch stopped, it needs a new -------!
There is no milk left in the carton, it is -----.
It's hard to keep my ------- when I am standing on one foot!