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Geometry's Terminology

A figure before a transformation has taken place
Having the same size, shape and measure
Two lines are perpendicular if they intersect to form right angles
Abbreviation for trigonometry
A transformation that turns a figure about a fixed point through a given angle and a given direction, such as 90* clockwise
A line acts as mirror so that corresponding points are the same distance from the mirror
An infinite set of points with no thickness and its length continues in two opposite directions indefinitely
Angles on the same side of the transversal
The line intersecting parallel lines
Angles that are inside the parallel lines
A figure created by two distinct rays that share a common endpoint
A rhombus with 4 right <'s
A dot that has no length, width, or thickness
Has 2 pair of congruent consecutive sides, perpendicular diagnols, diagnol that bisects a pair of opposite angles
A point, line or line segment that divides a segment or angle into two equal parts
A transformation that slides each point of a figure the same distance in the same direction
A transformation of a figure that creates a mirror image, "flips," over a line
Angles that are outside the parallel lines
The location at which two lines, line segments or rays intersect
The set of all points equidistant from a point in a plane
The mapping, or movement, of all points of a figure in a plane according to a common operation, such as translation, reflection or rotation
The result of a transformation
Has four right angles, congruent diagnols
The point at which two or more lines intersect or cross
A part of a line between two points on the line
A part of a line that begins at a point and continues forever in one direction
A distance preserving map of a geometric figure to another location using a reflection, rotation or translation
The point at each end of a line segment or at the beginning of a ray