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Math Is (Sometimes) Fun

an ordered set whose elements are usually determined based on some function of the counting numbers
A number on its own
a group of terms
a symbol for a number we don't know yet. It is usually a letter like x or y.
An algebraic equation in which each term is either a constant or the product of a constant and the first power of a single variable, and whose graph is therefore a straight line
the steepness or incline of a line, determined by reference to two points on the line
in geometry, a one-dimensional figure following a continuous straight path joining two or more points, whether infinite in both directions or just a line segment bounded by two distinct end points
a single number or a variable, or numbers and variables multiplied together.
a combination of numbers and letters equivalent to a sentence in language
the correspondence in size, form or arrangement of parts on a plane or line (line symmetry is where each point on one side of a line has a corresponding point on the opposite side
a branch of mathematics that uses symbols or letters to represent variables, values or numbers, which can then be used to express operations and relationships and to solve equations
a relation or correspondence between two sets in which one element of the second set is assigned to each element of the first set.
a number used to multiply a variable
consisting of several terms.
a symbol (such as +, ×, etc) that shows an operation
a number that will divide into another number exactly
says how many times to use the value in a multiplication.
the study of the formal laws of reasoning
a collection of distinct objects or numbers, without regard to their order, considered as an object in its own right
a rule or equation describing the relationship of two or more variables or quantities