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7th Grade Final Exam II

A model of the universe in which the Earth is at the center of the revolving planets and stars
The color of a mineral's powder
The heating of underground water by magma
Large round pits
A device built to observe distant objects by making them appear closer
Liquid magma that reaches the surface
A chunk of rock or dust in space
When many types of living things become extinct at the same time
Central region
The inner planets
Rocky objects
A type of rock that forms the cooling of molten rock at or below the surface
The amount of matter in an object
A type of rock that forms when particles from other rocks or the remains of plants and animals are pressed and cemented
A loose collection of ice, dust and small rocky particles, typically with a long, narrow orbit of the sun
The outer layer of the sun's atmosphere
A property of a substance that produces a change in shape and color
The outer layer of the sun's interior
A type of organism that no longer exists anywhere on Earth
A substance in which cannot be broken
Life that exists other than on Earth
Speed in a given direction
Any characteristic of a substance of a substance that can be observed or measured without a change
A dark area of gas on the sun's surface the surrounding gasses
Model of the solar system in which Earth and the other planets revolve around the sun
The daily rise and fall of Earth's waters on its coastline
One of the three long units of geologic time between the Precambrian and the present
The study of the moon, stars and other objects in space
The movement of one object around another object
The molten material of rock; forming substances, gasses, and water from the mantle