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Math 092 - chapter 3

The numerical factor on a variable. understood to be 1 when not present. for example. the 3 in 3x
The number or expression being in the numerator of a fraction This can be zero.
Key word for subtraction
A key word for subtraction similar to "From" in that " a _____ b" as an english statement would be "b - a" as a mathematical expression
This property of equality states that what is added or subtracted to one side of an equation must be added or subtracted to the other side of the equation.
This property of equality states that what is multiplied or divided by one side of an equation must be multiplied or divided by the other side of the equation
A key word for multiplication meaning "three times"
The form of an expression when all like terms are combined.
Terms that have the same variable and same power on each variable. these are combined by adding their coefficients the 4z and z in 4z - 3x + z - 2y
This property states that the order does not matter. for example: 3x = x3 and z + 6 = 6 + z
The number or expression in the denominator of a fraction. This can never be zero.
An equation in which the highest power ( exponent ) on the variable is 1.
Distance around a figure; this is found by adding up all the sides of a polygon.
This property states that a(b+c) = ab + ac or similarly, a(b + c + d) = ab + ac + ad
Terms put together by the 4 basic operations for example 4y - 3z
This property states that the grouping of numbers does not matter for example a(bc) = (ab)c a+(b+c) = (a+b)+c
A number, variable or combination of the two put together by multiplication or division, separated by addition or subtraction. the 4x and 3z in 4x - 3z