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Chapter 10 Review-Life Science

Time it takes an embryo to fully develop inside its mother's body
Organ of a fish that allows the fish to remain at a specific depth in the water
Organ that absorbs dissolved oxygen from water
Animal that lives part of its life in water and part on land
Animal whose body temperature changes with its environment; coldblooded animal
Immature stage of many animals that usually looks different than the adult form
Joining of the nuclei of the male and female reproductive cells
Behavior an animal practices and learns
Structure through which materials are exchanged between the mother and the developing embryo
Animal with a backbone
Strong, rodlike structure in chordates that can bend
Animal with a notochord at some time during its development
Larval stage of a frog
Male reproductive cell
Mammal that lays eggs
Tough, flexible connective tissue
Vertebrate whose body temperature remains the same; a warmblooded animal
Behavior an animal is born with
Gland that produces milk in female mammals
Mammal whose young develops in pouches
Innate behavior that animals perform correctly the first time
Female reproductive cell