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Chapter 10 Review-Earth Science

Stream of water flowing in the oceans
Mineral lump found on the ocean floor
Body of salt water covering much of Earth's surface
Bending of Earth's winds and ocean currents by Earth's rotation
Regular change in the level of Earth's oceans
Part of a continent that slopes gently away from the shoreline
Coral reef that forms around a sunken volcanic island
Small animals found in warm, shallow ocean waters
Shallow body of water between a reef and the mainland
Amount of dissolved salts in ocean water
Study of Earth's oceans
Underwater research vessel
Regular up-and-down movement of water
Deep canyon on the ocean floor
Highest point of a wave
Volcanic mountain on the ocean floor
Coral reef that is directly attached to a shore
Lowest point of a wave
Stream of water that moves up and down in ocean depths
Ring-shaped coral reef around a lagoon
Flat-topped underwater seamount
Outgoing, or falling, tide
Part of a continent between the continental shelf and the ocean floor
Layer of ocean water in which the temperature drops sharply with depth
Incoming, or rising, tide
Ocean sediment that contains the remains of many ocean organisms
Echo-sounding system that bounces sound waves off the ocean floor