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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Unit 26 Spelling Review

Teacher: Miss Lindaman
My parents have to ______ the car before I can get inside.
After you read something the first time, it is a good idea to __________ it to make sure you understand.
I am ________ when I do not do well on a test.
It is _______ to walk alone at night.
Before receiving the online order, you must ______.
After a busy week at school, we must ________ by relaxing.
Researching will ______ some new information.
My little brother attends _______.
Since I did not do well on the _____, I really need to study.
My younger sister knocked down my lego tower, so I will _______ it.
To get my shoes off, I must ______ them.
After the trip, we had to ________ our suitcases.
I am going to _______ my leftover spaghetti for dinner tonight.
On our vacation, it was _________ that it rained the whole time.
After writing a rough draft, you should ________ your work to correct any mistakes.
Before a test, you must __________ the material to do well.
Before turning in an assignment, it is a good idea to ______ your work.
You must ______ the oven before baking cookies.
The _______ for that movie makes me want to see it.
Sometimes life can be ________ and things may not go your way.