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AP Psychology Exam Review

Uncontrollable sleep attacks.
A method of exploring the unconscious, the person says whatever comes to mind.
Mood disorder, elevated mood to depressed mood.
A procedure for statistically combining the of many studies.
Looks at thoughts and behaviors that differ between cultures.
A simple thinking strategy that often allows us to make judgments
Chemical that regulates sleep and pineal gland dispenses.
The idea that a physiological need creates an aroused state that drives an organism to satisfy that need.
The blocking from consciousness of anxiety.
Central focus point in the retina.
The hopelessness that an organism feels after it learns that it is unable to avoid adversive events.
Basic defense mechanism that defends against anxiety.
Echoing what the speaker says to show you were paying attention.
A persistent irrational fear of a specific thing.
The inability to see a problem from a new perspective.
Father of the psychoanalytic theory.
Guides behavior closer and closer towards desired behavior.
The theory that an emotion-arousing stimulus simultaneously triggers physiological responses and the subjective emotion.
Learning that certain events occur together.
Characterized by physical symptoms exist but no none physical cause is present.
The process of reporting on one's own conscious experiences.
The purging of an emotional stimulus.
Agents that can reach the embryo and fetus during prenatal development and can cause harm,.
Conversion of energy to another stimulus.
A fertilized egg
A concept of framework that organizes ans interprets.