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Geometry end of year Puzzle

Something = to its self, a=a
Things you set to move forward in your life
An arc greater than 180 degrees
Location, no dimension
A set of points equidistant from a center point
What you are.
Half a circle
An arc less than 180 degrees
Touches circle at only one point
Angle whose vertex is on the circle.
Noted for a squared plus b squared equals c squared
Suffer patiently
Opposite over adjacent
Segment whose Endpoints are on the circle and goes through the center.
A=B, B=A
Adjacent over hypotenuse
Opposite over hypotenuse
A set of points that go on forever in both directions
Longest side in a right triangle
Line that touches circle in two ponts
Angle whose vertex is in the center
the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
Endpoints on the circle
Goes forever in one direction