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Spring Sports Reading Extravaganza (3-6)

Teacher: Newsela's Community Engagement Team
Luisa Hilario travels on a train so she can play this sport.
This is the first name of the blind swimmer who is a member of his high school swim team.
This city does not have a National Football League (NFL) team.
In this country, women are fighting to play basketball.
The Rising Star _________ Baseball Program allows students to make lifelong friendships.
The first name of an 8th Grade student who works with agents from a talent agency and wants to be the first in his family to go to college.
Last year, a rich man named Warren Buffet said he would give one _________ dollars to the person who picked all the winning March Madness teams.
In the Dominican Republic, this sport is the favorite.
Many parents work really hard so their students can play__________.
Meryl Davis and Charlie White won the gold medal in this sport during the 2014 Winter Olympics.
This city is home to the newest Major League Soccer team.
Tatyana McFadden is an American athlete who competed in the Winter _________ in Russia last year.
Kathryn Johnston Massar was the first girl to play little league baseball. This is her nickname.
The name of the country that hosted the World Cup in the summer of 2014 and said it may have been one of the best ever.
This roller __________ team practices and competes at the "Doll Factory."
The son of Sudan basketball player Manute Bol is named _________.