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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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The Very Last CW for Biology!

Base of a foodchain
Process that forms identical daughter cells
Process that makes different daughter cells (not identical)
Process that converts mRNA into a specific protein
DNA-->transciption-->mRNA-->translation-->___--> trait
What proteins are made of
What percent of a heterozygous cross will be heterozygous?
All organisms depend on them
Maximum number of organisms that an ecosystem can support
Someone with two recessive alleles is this
Fitness improves _____ to allow organisms to survive and reproduce
Ability of an organism to reproduce and have its offspring survive
Selection ____ drive natural selection
DNA replication ensures that every cell has a complete set of ___ genetic information
This and protein structure determines what its job is
If a cell doesn't pass this, it commit suicide
Reads the mRNA strand during translation
This is low in populations that have trouble adapting to a changing environment
Comparative anatomy, homologous structures, DNA comparison are evidence of common ____ in evolution
Percentage of energy transferred to the next trophic level
Allele that overpowers another to express a trait
Type of reproduction that requires more energy and a mate
Competition, predation, sleep. Which is NOT a selection pressure?
Phenotype for Ff if F is nonfreckled
Enzyme that unwinds DNA during replication
Copying a segment of DNA into mRNA
Somatic cells have this many chromosomes
Is driven by selection pressures
A fertilized egg
When a nonnative species is introduced, what happens in the ecosystem?
DNA complement of GTAGGG
Occurs when reproductive, geographic, or behavioral isolation are in place
Gamete is what type of cell?
Traits that are removed through survival of the fittest
Water, sunlight, soil are examples of nonliving or ___ factors.
Energy flows from ___ to higher trophic levels
Energy flows in ___ direction.