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French Bulldogs

How many inches the max height for a French bulldog?
French bulldogs are well known for what physical trait?
French Bull dogs are very sensitive to?
French bulldogs like to talk but don't_____ much.
Most French bulldogs are born through____ _______.
What is the nickname for French Bulldogs?
The most sought after color for French Bulldog is?
French bulldogs should be exercised for ______ minutes per day.
Because of their flat face French bulldogs tend to_____.
French bulldogs sleep an average of_____ hours per day.
French bulldogs are very _______.
One major health issue for French bulldogs is ______.
Because they like to be pet and also enjoy sleep French bulldogs are considered to be a ________.
Because of their squat frame and large head French bulldogs can't _____.
How long does a French bulldog live at minimum?
Toy bulldogs and pugs make what type of bread?
French bulldogs are great companions and also great ________.
Where do French bulldogs originate from?
Why have many airlines banned French bulldogs?
What don't French bulldogs have when they're born?