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algebra 1 terms

A relation between two algebraic expression using alligator symbols
The power to which a number or expression is raised
A value that doesn't change
To spread the term in front of the parenthesis to each number inside the parenthesis
A fraction in which the numerator is higher that the denominator
The average of all the numbers listed
Two terms that have the same variable raised to the same exponent
Rise over run
The middle number
A fragment of a mathematical sentence
A number that divides evenly into another number
How to variables relate to each other
The distance across the center of a circle
A polynomial with two terms
When a line crosses an axis
When a number occurs multiple times
The largest positive integer that divides evenly into two or more non-zero numbers
Natural numbers and their negatives
A string of mathematical symbols or variables that states the equality of two algebraic expressions
The smallest integer that is a multiple of two or more integers