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a to z of science 1

Teacher: Stratz
H is for an extended period of higher than normal temps
T is for the part of the Earth closest to the equator
G is for massive moving ice
M is for how big an earthquake is
O is for where Crater Lake is
L is formed when a depressed area fills with water
M is for the study of the atmosphere
P is for what may or may not be a planet
R is for one that can be replenished by nature quickly
A is for the opposite of base
B is for the instrument used to measure air pressure
I is for what happened when global temps dropped 10 degrees
H is for a testable prediction
N is for the lowest of the tides
K is for the belt located out past Neptune
S is for the longest and shortest days of the year
E is for a path of a planet
N is for a cloud of dust dreaming of being a star
D is for a period of well below normal precipitation
R is for a long trail of matter moving away from a crater
V is for a star which lacks consistency
T is for a rather large wave
Z is for a crystal that lasts for billions and billions of years
C is for a natural underground opening
S is a mineral deposit hanging in a cave
D is for an elongated landform created by glaciers
T is the type of planet we live upon
J is for what is bringing storms our way
C is for gas changing to a liquid
I is for a line that connects areas of equal pressure
U is for nutrients from deep in the ocean arising to fuel algae
P is for a spinning neutron star
O is a mineral that could bring you profit
Q is for a very bright very distant object
M is for a meteorite that has caught fire
S is a mass movement caused by a landslide
S can be moved by water, wind, or glaciers
W is for something that can be hard to predict
F is for when two nuclei become one
G is for exploding hot springs
F is for when the water is higher than the banks