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General Psychology Chapter 2

This puzzle is part of the test and is worth 20 points.
Lobe that processes visual information
"Little trees" that branch out to detect information from other neurons
Related to pain management and a feeling of well being.
A neurotransmitter related to addiction, Parkinson's disease, and schizophrenia
In the parietal lobe
Long "cable" that carries the action potential
Related to depression
"Brain" of the neuron where information from thousands of other neurons is collected
In the frontal lobe
Space between two neurons through which neurotransmitters communicate
"Clean-up" phase after the postsynaptic neuron has fired
Lobe that processes spatial information
Part of the cortex that is especially large in human brains.
Also known as adrenaline.Released in the "fight or flight" response.
Specific "docking stations" for neurotransmittors
Lobe that generates abstract thought
"Map" of the body along the somatosensory and motor cortex
Lobe that processes auditory information