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Books of the Old Testament

Teacher: Pastor Karen
A book of advice for wise living
The Promised Land is divided among the tribes
A retelling of the 10 commandments here
A story about a courageous Jewish queen
King Solomon builds the temple
Poem about romantic love.
Restoring the wall around Jerusalem after the Babylonian captivity.
The first covenant
This book deals with the question "Why" do bad things happen to good people.
A book of laws
Prayers and hymns often used in worship
A story of love and loyalty between two widows.
Sampson was one
Without God life is meaningless and filled with despair. Poetry.
Tells us about the kings of Israel
After being captives in Babylon for decades, this priest returns to Jerusalem with the first refugees.
The people in the desert were counted many times
Plagues and Passover
Find stories about King Saul