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Math Terms

A number that calculates to a certain quantity when multiplied by itself
Making a shape larger or smaller on a grid.
The rate of how a line changes
The base number in an algebraic expression, the non-variable
3.14159 or the ration of a circle's diameter to its circumference
A way of finding the longest side of a right triangle
Two terms that share the same exponent and variable if any
An equation to put in one variable and another comes out
Is how often something happens out of the total times. is represented by a percent
A line that is graphed straight and is between two variables
A group of coordinates that have no specific order but suggest a correlation
A quantity found to show the deviation between a group and a single person
An algebraic expression consisting of two terms being added or subtracted
The smallest possible multiple between two integers
B squared-4ac
An equation comparing two values
An algebraic expression consisting of one term
An equation used to solve quadratics
An algebraic expression adding or subtracting three or more terms
To break up a number into smaller numbers that can be multiplied together to get the original sum.
A symmetrical curve, it is how you calculate arch
A set of whole numbers and their opposites
An intersecting group of lines
A base raised to a power of 1 or greater