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Captain Citrus's Crossword Challenge

Author: FDOC
In the 1940s-1950s, what form of orange juice did consumers prefer?
What Spanish explorer who was first to discover Florida, is also believed to be the first to plant orange trees near St. Augustine in the mid-1500's?
This organization is an executive agency of the Florida government charged with the marketing, research and regulation of the Florida citrus industry.
What explorer first brought citrus to the New World in 1493?
Florida was barraged with ______ Charley, Frances and Jeanne in central Florida and Wilma in southern Florida all within 6 weeks, devastating citrus crops throughout the region.
The use of colorful citrus crate _____ on the end of the wooden shipping crates began in the 1880s and peaked in popularity between 1920-1950. They were drawn by popular artists of the time and used for advertising particular growers or shippers and the grade of fruit.
This nine-member board is appointed by the Governor of Florida to oversee the Florida Department of Citrus and represent citrus growers, processors and packers.
. Florida's unique sandy soil and ________ climate are ideal conditions to growing the juiciest and tastiest citrus in the world.
In the 1980s, consumers began to demand a ____-_____ taste of orange juice and moved to not-from-concentrate options.
What state is second only to Brazil in global orange juice production?
Despite the freezes, hurricanes and diseases, the Florida Citrus industry has proved to be ______ through it all.