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Skyclan's Destiny

Author: Jason Batacao
The cat's who live at twoleg place
Who was the cat that fell off a cliff and dislocated his paw?
How did Leafstar feel when she won the training game?
What cat died in earlier battles with rats.
How the clan felt about the three cats that leafstar let into their camp
A cat who challenged Leafstar through her destiny
Where did the daylight warriors sleep at night?
A group of families related by ancestry
Cause of the battle
Cat that believed Leafstar had betrayed the cats
The grassy area in camp, where the cat's hunt for rabbits and mice
Who's the leader of Skyclan?
Skyclan did this to their enemy in battle
Where did the clan meet for gatherings
The medicine that Echosong used on Sagepaw to ease the pain
Where did the rogue cats live?
This cat interpreted the dream that Skyclan needed deeper roots
The spring season for cat's
The cat who is in love with Leafstar
The cat who heals and stores herbs in her den
The cat which developed a plan to stop the rats
Cat that made Skyclan stronger
Skyclans enemy
The leader of the rouge cats