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Beginner's Driver Education Crossword

Attendance to the BDE course is
This portion of the BDE course consists 20 hours
An __________ driver is someone with four years of driving experience, holding a full class G license, with B.A.C less then 0.05% and the only front seat passenger.
To apply for a driver's license in Ontario you must be at less
In order to prove that i have completed the BDE course, I must go to service Ontario and get a ....
If a need to reschedule or cancel my in-car lesson, i must give my instructor at least
The passing mark for the BDE course is
Students who successfully complete the BDE program will have their mandatory G1 waiting period reduce to ____ months.
To become a G2 driver, i must pass a ....
The BDE course has 3 different components, they are Classroom, In-car and __________
B.A.C. limit for a class G1 is
If caught driving without a valid license, your vehicle will be
It is my _____________ to have my Driver's licence with me foe my in-car lesson
My headlights must to turned on from _____________ before sunset.
The minimum age to attend the BDE course is
G1 drivers must not drive on any highway where the posted speed limit exceeds 80km/hr. The only exception is if the front passenger seat is occupied by a driving
G1 driver's may not drive between ___ to 5am
G1/G2 drivers will have their license if they collect 9 or more demerit points.
My Drivers Ed certification in now performed
In Ontario driving is considered to be a ___________ not a right.
The BDE course must be completed within ____ months, otherwise, students cannot be certified.