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Feudal Rome

A unique feature of Medieval Art; Ugly _____
A very key figure in the people's crusade that recruited men.
The battle of _____, in which a city was captured by the Turks and ransacked in 1096
The capital city of the Byzantine Empire. It is now known as Istanbul
A sovereign head of state, especially a king, queen, or emperor.
An ignorant, rude, or unsophisticated person; a person of low social status.
A major religion in the first crusade.
The Turks took over the land owned by Emperor ______
A form of Medieval Art that usually had gold and was written on parchment.
A part of the Social Pyramid; below Monarch but above knights and Vassals.
A part of Italy that got rich because of the famous Ugly Babies.
Entry into the church; to cleanse a person of sin, a priest pours water gently over the persons head at the baptismal font.
The very top of the early middle ages Social Pyramid
An estate of land, especially one held on conditions of feudal service.
A famous Roman Emperor that many that played the fiddle while Rome burned.
A form of Medieval Art
In 768 CE, ________ becomes the first Holy Roman Emperor.
The battle of ________ between the Crusaders and the Turks.
A major player in the First Crusade; ______ Empire.
A Christian Ceremony in which bread and wine are consecrated.
Some people refer the Middle Ages to the ____ ___ because the history was somewhat lost, and art and culture was limited.