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The Rhythm of the Saints

Rhetorical device used for emphasizing a feeling of idea, creating a rhythm, or developing a sense of urgency.
A poem style that creates the feel of improvisation yet still consists of a rhythm. Langston Hughes is one of the earliest founders of this style.
Where AP Lit hopes to go next year.
"Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers."
Starts tomorrow...thank gosh.
What this is.
A poem style that typically revolves around themes such as struggle and depression intertwined with determination. Began in the African American community.
Another word for the "beat" of a poem's rhythm.
"Womanly life and all so lonesome."
This is used as a pause within a poem. In classic British and English poems it was represented with a space. In modern British and English poems it is represented through punctuation.
Abandoned traditional techniques in many aspects of poetry, especially in rhythm and structure.
A half line.