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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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En el salón de clases

NOMBRE: ____________________________________
CLASE: ___________
Girl who learns at school.
Made from trees.
Measures length.
Mr. Malone, Menard, Saunders, Legro, Mays, Green, Corey, Kaltsas
Open this for fresh air.
Used for algebra class.
Kids in Spain don't need this because they don't travel from class to class.
Has a ton of keys.
Look up your grades on X2.
We watch movies on this.
Playing ap games and Snap Chatting
It gives us "la hora".
Waxy coloring utensil.
Ink filled BIC writing stick.
This is where the teacher sits to do his/her work.
Boy who learns at school.
Displays geography.
Sit around this and have a meal or a discussion.
Meant to get rid of Expo marker.
Toss your junk in here.
Most commonly used writing utensil for math.
Sit down!
Rubber tip on a pencil.
Used to hold onto loose papers.
Used to write on a whiteboard.
Put everything inside of this and bring it to school.
When your lapiz is dull from writing.
Sra. Ogden is one of these...
Barnes and Noble sells a lot of these.
Click and drag.
Enter and exit the room through this.
Meant to be seen.