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Math Words

A point has only one____
Ex: Concorde
Citrus drink suffix
Not yours (plural)
A puzzling mystery
Japanese sport
Sheep sound
What multiplication is
Laptop key in upper left
"OMG! Too much information!"
Roman emperor
The goal in the novel "Hoot"
Back part of something
Pythagoras' triangle type
The side of a cube
Mr. Young of baseball fame
"Are we there __?"
Wrath, fury
Not off
Woodwind instrument
Sewing line on pants
"____-a me! Mario!"
Cereal crop
Rise over run; height divided by length
Not you
Trad. name of Ireland
"Once ___ a time"
Hindi queen title
Length x width x height
Outdoor shelter
Not ma
Less than zero
Square root of negative number
Not yes
Campbell's or Ramen
Answers when you add
Practitioner of 13 across
Animal symbolizing selling market
Public Relations
"__ vogue" means "in style"
Short form of Roanna
A remainder is what is ____
Length x width
"____ ___ every one" (2 words)
"This party is ___!"
Frying need
Not hers
Next square number after one
The dodo and the mammoth
Suffix for political systems
"Why __ serious?"
Opp. of nope
__-agon is a 5 sided shape
Lake ___, Ont.
John Lennon's wife
Answer when you add
Old Vienna initials