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Division and Region Managers

His region includes all of six states
His wife is a district manager
Newest division manager
His region led in YTD dollar growth in January-April
His division has the longest Pacific coastline
Division manager with longest tenure with the company
He's the region manager who's been with the company the shortest amount of time
New region manager whose father also was a region manager
Most of his region's Reps live in Alabama and Tennessee
His division has no region managers and one district manager
Despite his region's name, he also manages two Reps in Wyoming and two in New Mexico
His region has two Reps named James, but one goes by Jim, and the other JayR
His region includes parts of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas
Only manager who leads two divisions
His region had the most new accounts in January-April
Region manager with longest tenure with the company
Reps in his division live in eight states from Minnesota to West Virginia