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World War II

Allied forces only took the most strategically important islands, instead of each Japanese-held island
American, British, and Canadian troops invaded France
Purposely crashing pilot planes into enemy ships
Turning point in the war
Germany, Italy, and Japan
American and Japanese aircraft carriers and fighter planes crashed
A political system in which "state" is more important than individuals
Mass murder, Hitler and Nazis attempt to exterminate the entire Jewish population of Europe
The British stopped the Afrika Korps
Hitler's National Socialist Party
A policy of avoiding war with an aggressive nation by giving in to its demands
Oversaw the conversion of factories to war production
The extermination of an entire group of people
Germans pushed the Allied forces back about 65 miles, creating a huge bulge in the Allied lines
Began on June 4, 1942, when Japan started bombing the island
Britain and France
The largest navel battle in history
Secret program to develop the atomic bomb
More than 600 Americans and about 10,000 Filipinos died
Forced relocation and imprisonment
African American pilots trained in Alabama
Location in Hawaii where U.S. naval fleet was stationed
Allowed the president to aid any nation believed vital to U.S. defense
A weapon that produces tremendous power by splitting atoms