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Algebra Crossword

A surface of which one end or side is at a higher level, can be solved by y=mx+b
A U-shaped curve on a graph.
The location of a single point on a coordinate system where the digits represent a point on the x and y axes.
A numbers distance from zero
Letters that represent a number in an equation.
The property that states that no matter the arrangement of the multiplication or addition problem.
An equation between two variables that gives a straight line when plotted on a graph.
A sentence that states one expression is greater than, less than, or equal too.
A positive real number that can be divided by itself to produce a given number.
A mathematical sentence with NO equal sign.
The exponent says how many times to use the same value in multiplication.
A part of a whole.
A number that cannot be expressed as a ratio between two integers.
Terms where variables are the same.
Where the line crosses the y axes.
An expression of more than two algebraic terms.
A number with no decimal
Any number that can be expressed as a quotient.
A mathematical sentence with an equal sign.
Numbers that correspond with points on the graph.