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Science Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Jacob Hornbeck
Putting chemicals in the ground to make natural gas.
Currently not erupting but may erupt again
The volcano that is non explosive reactions and very runny lava
Used to measure the amount of movement in the ground
Rifts are long cracks in the crust and lava flows out building up over time
When rock moves back into normal shape
Stress in the rock causes the rock to change in shape
When magma cools and solidifies in the air
Volcanoes that form over mantle plumes
Two tectonic plates colliding together
The location in the earth below the epicenter the origin of the movement
A break in the rock
Two plates sliding past each other
A funnel shaped pit around the vent at the end of an eruption
Travels like an S at the surface of the earth
Volcanoes that are currently erupting and show future signs.
Similar to a crater but much larger
Pyroclastic eruptions but are smaller in size
People who study earthquakes
Eruption with a volume greater than 1,000 cubic kilometers.
Two tectonic plates separating apart
Explosive reactions and made of layers of pyroclastic material
No eruption in recorded history not expected to erupt
Two forces moving in an opposite direction
The fastest wave it's also the primary wave