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Intro to Law Final

Teacher: Susan Middleton-Poole
Some criminal cases do not go to trial because the defendant enters into a ____ bargain.
The Statute of ______ requires contracts concerning unique subjects, such as land, to be in writing
The 4th Amendment provides that an unreasonable ______ and seizure is unconstitutional
A party wanting to be bound to specific contract terms will make an _____
A type of speech that is fully protected by the Constitution, say what you will about your Senator
After Divorce, the person having the legal responsibility for a child has _______ of the child.
Commercial speech can be regulated as to place, manner, and ____.
The Constitution established three separate branches of the federal government to ensure there would be a separation of _______.
The first 10 Amendments to our Constitution are known as the Bill of _______.
8th Amendment provides that defendants are generally entitled to ____ pending trial which is often provide by a Bondsman
Article 2A of the Uniform Commercial Code is concerned only with the sale of _____
A state can not deny to any person within its jurisdiction the _____ protection of the laws.
The Infancy Doctrine provides protections to a _____ who wants to disaffirm a contract.
"Mens rea" describes a person's ______ while performing a criminal act.
Under the Model Penal Code, crimes that are committed willfully, such as the intentional killing of another, are crimes of the _____ degree.
The most common option chosen by persons wanting to end a marriage.
The 5th Amendment provides that a person has the right to remain _______ and does not have to answer any questions asked by police.
No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without ___ process of law.
A wrong against society or a public interest which can be prosecuted is a ________
A jury unable to reach a verdict of guilty or not guilty is said to be ____.