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The ABC's and XYZ's of the BIBLE

Personal name meaning "GOD with us"
Wooden frame placed on the backs of draft animals to make them pull in tandem
Archeological site near the caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered
To feel passion with someone or to enter sympathetically into one's sorrow or pain
A blood relative based on Israel's tribal nature
A fisherman of the Sea of Galilee and father of James and John; two of Jesus' first disciples
Bring together of two parties that are estranged or in dispute
Wife of King Ahasuerus and Queen of Persia and Media
A political, religious and commercial center in Asia Minor
Active endurance of opposition; not a passive resignation
One who saves by delivering, preserving, healing, or providing
Source of water created by digging in the earth to find available water
Obligation, dependence, or restraint
Transliteration of the Hebrew word meaning anointed one
State of being undivided; having oneness; a condition of harmony
The 2nd of the Historical Books in the Old Testament of the Bible
Choice examples of a crop harvested first and dedicated to GOD
State of being all-powerful, theology ascribes to GOD
Son of Lamech, a descendent of Adam in the line of Seth, and a survivor of the flood
The first of five books of the Bible written by Moses
Moral training, the positive aspect of instruction
Exclamation of praise that recurs frequently in the book of Psalms meaning "Praise Yahweh!"
Biblical doctrine that GOD has reconciled sinners to Himself through the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ
Fellowship meal that the Christian community celebrate with joy in conjunction with its celebration of the Lord's Supper
The enticement to do evil
Persian king who reigned 486-464B.C.; known in the book of Esther as Ahasuerus