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New Jersey

Atlantic City is where the street names came from for the game ________.
In 1858 the discovery of the first nearly complete ________of a dinosaur in Haddonfield.
The Borough of _________is the only municipality in NJ that is, in its entirety, a registered National Historic site.
Is the major _______ state with the largest _______ in the U.S. located in Elizabeth.
Atlantic city has the longest __________ in the world.
The Statue " Soldier At Rest" was dedicated to NJ civil war ________ on June 28, 1875.
Has the most ________ ____ in the world.
NJ has the tallest water _____ in the world.
The ___________is the official NJ state dinosaur
General Philip ______ had a NJ town and 2 military decorations named after him.
State _____ is liberty and prosperity.
Parsippany has been named ____ ____ USA for 24 consecutive years.
New Jersey has 21 ________.
The ________, apis mellifera, is the state bug.
Has the most ______s in the world and is sometimes referred to as the _____capital of the world
Has a _____ museum featuring over 5,400 _____s from every state and almost every country.
State seashell is the _______ whelk.
The only state where all it's counties are classified as __________ areas.
NJ is Home to the Miss America pageant, which is held in ________ City.
Picturesque Cape May holds the distinction of being the oldest _______ resort in the U.S. and one of the most unique.
The first ______ reservation was in New Jersey.
The light bulb, phonograph (record player), motion picture projector were invented by Thomas Edison in his Menlo Park __________.
The first _____-__ movie theater was opened in camden
Passaic river was the site to the first _________ ride by inventor John P. Holland.