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science cross worde puzzle by james

How much matter is in an object
When an object slows down
An underwater mountain
How far an object travels
Getting heated by a secondary source
A measure of tempature
Can go throughout liquids and solids
Heating from the sun
A push or pull caused by a _____
Everthing has this and it is produced by heat
The force that brings two objects together
The second thinnest layer of the earth
Molten rock
When to objects rub against each other
Waves that can only go through solids
Amount of space in an object
A mega continent
How many particles are in an object
Speed with a given direction
This tool is used to map the sea floor
The force used to move an object a distance
Crated by earthquakes, a huge wave
A measure of how much gravity pulls on an object
Magma on the earths surface