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Sixth Grade Immersion

David's BFF
Harry Potter's #1 fan.
Likes to draw eyes.
His name begins with a double vowel.
Bryant's cousin
Brought a big bag of strawberries.
Has a sister named Samantha
Is an expert wrestler.
His mom is a Spanish teacher.
Jessica's BFF
Alejandra's BFF
She loves homework.
Always wears shorts, even when he is cold
Jonathan's Cousin
Fabio's BFF
Turns the news on every morning.
Tallest girl in the class.
Plays softball
His mom is a teacher in London Towne.
She Is very kind and very quiet.
She loves candy and slime.
Sits next to Ivy.
His mom mom makes the best lunches.
Likes to draw dragons.
Loves his North Face jacket
Sits next to Valery.
He loves to read.
Has three younger brothers
Has a baby brother that drives her crazy. (that is what she told me)