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Chpt. 34/35 Reading Puzzle Fun!!!!

Author: WWII Fun!!
Room 620, this person can be found.
This default act prevented debt dodging nations from borrowing $$ from the U.S.A.
WWII was far more _____ than WWI.
Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini were ____dictators.
Atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and____.
By the end of the war, ____ million Jews had been murdered in the Holocaust.
This person authorized the dropping of the atomic bomb.
1.6 million migrated West & North to seek jobs in war plants.
On 4/12/45, before the end of WWII, this person died.
This agreement was a declaration between Hitler and Stalin, it was short lived.
Camps where Japanese Americans were forced to live.
Hitler wanted to unify_______ speaking countries.
In the _____ axis, Hitler and Mussolini became allies.
Hirohito ruled Japan during WWII.
FDR was elected _____ times.
Congress of Racial Equality.
_____CONNALLY - This law allowed the fed. govt. to seize & operate plants threatened by labor disputes.
Massive military operation led by Americans in Normandy 6/6/44. Liberated France, final phase of WWII in Europe.
Dictator of Italy
An Axis Power
Commission in 1942 that developed the atomic bomb.
Victory in Japan day.
KRISTALLNACHT- Mobs ransacked more than 7,000 _____ shops and synagogues.
United States first helped supply arms through the _______bill.
After WWI, the United States began _____ from Europe.
In this -1agreement, Germany would be conquered first.
The _____ speech, given by FDR encouraged economic embargoes against aggressors in Europe.
WWII helped end the Great________.
On the ship St. Louis, 937 ______ passengers fled from Europe, were denied in Havana and Miami only to be returned to Europe.
25,000 Native American men used native languages to transmit codes.
A day that would live in infamy
Gen. Eisenhower ordered _____ civilians to view the dead at concentration camps.
This _____ production board orchestrated the production or war supplies and goods.