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Pop Culture

First African American Disney Princess
Ann Marie sings this recent song about "buddies"
Camila Cabello sings this popular song about the capital of Cuba.
Antagonist in the new Star Wars sequels
Popular, yet strange Netflix series.
Disney movie about a Hawaiian girl
A show on the CW that is based on the Archie comics
The name of the male lion cub in the Lion King
Female lead in the new Star Wars sequels
First Disney movie to show the main character's mom killed
This singer released her new album called Reputation in 2017
1st Disney Princess movie
Female judge on American Idol
Popular Survival game
Singer of "Rockstar"
Popular musical based on the first Secretary of Treasury.
Prince Harry's new wife (first name)
In Despicable Me, this henchman turned hero has yellow minions as his sidekicks
This female rapper "..makes money moves"